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The Coaching Shop focuses on young entrepreneurs and managers at all levels of their career. We specialise in building personal and business brands through providing development consultancy and coaching.
Our aim is to deliver individual, executive and team coaching and support organisations in developing their managers’ skills and performance.

personal  coaching

Dealing with challenging dynamics at work or in your personal environment, major life changes, anxiety and stress?
A coaching session might be the simple solution to help you achieve a breakthrough and reach the place you want to be in. 

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The Coaching Shop I hire coach


Having responsibility for a company’s success and leading teams can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed or unsure in which direction to go next.


Coaching unlocks a persons’ inner ability to consider alternative viewpoints and helps you come up with your own best response to the challenges you are currently facing.

Coaching directors, managers and leaders has a positive effect on performance and internal company dynamics.
A course of sessions can be exactly what you need
to boost wellbeing, improve work-life balance and
job satisfaction.


Team coaching is an established technique to build cohesive and high-performance teams.


Coaching a team as a whole /rather than each individual separately/ creates greater value and helps individuals build rapport and bond with one another. It further helps to identify and build upon a team’s strengths, develop trust among its members, raise confidence and enhance the overall
team performance.


Team coaching is a proven way to get
the very best out of your people!

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The Coaching Shop I Coaching Seminars I Training

The popularity of day training seminars has grown rapidly in recent years. Managers and company owners realise the benefit of such 1 or 2-day team activities and their profound impact on employees' well-being and performance.


Day training seminars represent a tailored talent development solution that can vary in content or duration depending on each client’s individual organisational needs.


Examples of areas explored during day training seminars:

- Developing and empowering teams

- Managing challenges in the workplace

- Dealing with stress and anxiety

- Managing conflict


Contact us to discuss our day training seminars and how we can help you improve your results and create
a better workplace environment.

day training seminars

coaching can help unlock your potential and help you develop into the team player or leader your organisation needs you to be.

Book your coaching session now or contact us to discuss a tailored coaching program and our custom day training seminars.

The Coaching Shop I hire coach
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